Components - key components for high-tech extrusionprocesses


For BCF systems, Trützschler Man-Made Fibers pursues a multiple polymer strategy with the extruder or worm gear design. Alternative options for PP/PA6 and PA66/PET are possible.

In industrial yarn lines, the last heating zones of the extruder are air cooled to swill high-viscosity polymers.

Spin beam and spin pack

All spin beams are tailor-made concerning the requirements of the polymer, the spin process and the plant.

Quench unit

The quenching systems are pulsation-free and allow adjustment to the required temperature, relative humidity, velocity and profile of the cooling air.

Take-up system

Due to the unique heat pipe formed by a dual shell, the draw rolls ensure an extremely even temperature over the heated length. With only one inductor, maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum and a very long MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is guaranteed. In addition, the high surface quality of the rollers eliminates yarn surface defects and improves physical yarn properties.

All winder by Trützschler Switzerland are automatic, of compact design and feature a concurrent transfer system and step precision winding.